Keith Wallin

  • 10+ years experience Personal Training
  • Us Career Institute Certified 
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
  • Retired USAF 
  • Jaguar Fitness Certified

Quote "You want to work out lets do it!"
American born in the UK. Plays Guitar and sings when not training. Has assisted firefighters and military personnel in achieving fitness goals for testing.


4341 S Highway 92, Sierra Vista, AZ
(520) 263-4506


Yvonne Lucero

  • ASM Certified​
  • ​USA weightlifting coach
  • ​Nutritionalist
  • Side by side personal trainer. No texting or worksheets and handouts. We are with you the entire time. 
  • We are here to answer all your questions regarding technique, specific areas, or how to gain strength for events. We are Open Books! 
  • Trainer will customize your routine to fit YOUR needs for YOUR body. 
  • Added benefit with every personal training is a nutritional consultation with body fat percentage and a recommended Macronutrient (carbs, fats, protein) intake tailored for YOU.
  • Prices will depend on customized routine and schedule you choose. We will discuss this after your FREE Consultation with a trainer!
  • ​Trainer hours open 5am to 7pm daily. 

Everette Stewart

  • NPC Physique Athlete
  • 2019 Bisbee Classic Overall Physique winner
  • 2018 Copper Classic Overall Winner
  • Jaguar Fitness Certified
  • 10+ years experience Personal Training

Jonathan Alexander II
Head Personal Trainer 

  • Professional Natural Bodybuilder
  • 2019 INBA Copper Classic Overall Winner
  • 2019 PNBA Battle Against Cancer Overall Winner
  • 2017 NPC PHil heath Yellowstone classic Overall WInner
  • MMA Cage Fighter 
  • WADA drug tested athlete
  • Over 15+ years experience 
  • Jaguar Fitness Certified

Quote "Just one more Rep"
Is a walking dad joke. Enjoys football too much. Has assisted male/females in bodybuilding show prep.